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The ultimate aim of our  business is to help our customers gaining more production, more profit and more peace of mind. Rest all is secondary.

If you are from Agriculture, Beverages,Food,Pharma or Water treatment industry, I want you to know that there exists proven innovative products,Huwasan and Silamol that can reduce your problems of Disinfection, increase the production and quality.
Your profit and satisfaction is what we want.

Innovative Products India is an Authorized Distributor of Huwa-San an Ecological Broad Spectrum Disinfectant as well
as Silamol,the bio silicon provider for agriculture.

Innovative Products India was incorporated in Jan 2008.

The first product that was marketed was Huwasan,an ecological disinfectant that is chlorine free .
Huwa-San is also known as Anti-Bacterial Disinfectant, Anti-Fungal Disinfectant, Food-Grade Disinfectant, Food-Safe Disinfectant, Food-Quality Disinfectant, Hydrogen-Peroxide Disinfectant, Peroxide Disinfectant, Silver Disinfectant,

Click on this link for  Huwasan

In the year 2016 another product was been introduced in the market. It was Silamol the combination of Bioavailable Silicon and Molybdenum.This is an ultimate product that acts as a Plant Tonic or Plant Growth  Regulator.
Find more about Silamol here

Our Sister Concerns

Following are the information about our sister concerns.
Sudhan Enterprises is dealing in electronic power systems and batteries.

Power Inverter NOVAPRO & UPS found a good market share due to its quality, the simplicity of use, reasonable price, backed up by professional after sales service. More than 4000+ customers were been made due to above factors. The major advertisement & sales promotion efforts were none other than the word of mouth publicity by the existing satisfied clients.
More information can be found at http://www.sudhanenterprises.com

Digital Concepts India is another firm which is engaged in preparing especially business solutions.
The motto of DCI is Business promotion through Internet & Intellect.
Digital Concepts India, was formed on 9th October 2003. Digital Concepts is based in Kalyan, Near Mumbai, India, Offers various digital products,and services.
This includes web design to create result oriented functional websites, creating e-books, website programming, supportive & affordable web hosting, web consultancy & management. Search Engine optimization(SEO) Internet marketing, article writing & marketing services.
For more information visit http://www.digitalconceptsindia.com

The Office of Innovative Products India is based in Kalyan, Thane District, Mumbai City, Maharashtra State, India.

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