Innovative Solutions for Downy Mildew

What is Downy Mildew and How to protect your farm from it?
Farmers are really worried when they see an attack of Downy Mildew as it is considered to completely destroy the farm output, if not taken care of. Let us understand what Downy Mildew is in easy to understand language. How You will be able to Prevent Downy Mildew [DM ] and Protect your farm using Innovative solution?
I will explain you in questions and answers format as given below…

1 What is downy mildew, DM ?
2.What are the causes of it?
3.How to prevent DM ?
4.Three easy steps to protect your crops from DM?.
5. What is the difference between Downy and powdery mildew ?
6. How to protect your farm from DM using Huwasan?

1 What is downy mildew ?

Downy Mildew [DM] is commonly known as Fungal attack on plants. But although considered to be fungi,it is not a True fungi but is similar to fungi.  It has an absorptive nutrition and generally fungicides are used to control D.M. Sometimes this becomes a problem as the chemicals used to destroy true fungi are not effective on various species of Downy Mildew. Hence most of the times Farmers wonder why the DM is out of control and usually results in heavy losses.


2. What are the causes of DM ?

A) The suitable temperature 15 to 23 deg.centigrade.
B) Humid Climate or to be specific relative humidity above 85% at the leaf surface.
C) Lack of space between the plants or proper air ventilation
D) Left over or unattended plant debris which is the main cause.
E) Overhead irrigation or rainfall which keeps leaves wet.

3. How to prevent DM ?

Following are the important steps that can prevent or reduce the attack of Downy Mildew to great extent.

1.Remove Plant debris .
2.Keep proper space between the plants to have good air circulation.
3.Avoid overhead irrigation during cool damp whether.
4.Observe the plants during time of high humidity and temperatures between 15 to 23 deg. centigrade.

4. Three easy steps to protect your crops from downy mildew ?

It is said prevention is better than cure. When it is Downy Mildew you will always agree to it.
Please follow these three guidelines to prevent DM.

1.Always,always remove the debris below the plants as the debris is one of the major source of DM.
2.Keep a space between the plants to have optimum cross ventilation.
3.During the time of damp and humid whether check the leaf surface carefully for dryness and colour change.

If you are unable to Prevent it then I will show you how to protect it using our innovative solution.


5. What is the difference between Downy and powdery mildew ?

Although both of them has a common name as Mildew, Downy Mildew [DM] and Powdery Mildew [PM] are different altogether.
I have given here a small summary below to understand the difference between them.

How to Identify?
If you see Circular spots on both side of Leaves it is PM, while it is DM if the spots are angular and limited by leaf veins below the leaves.

How do they infect ?
You can see the spores or infection of PM on both sides of the leaf while the spores of DM are on the underside of leaves.
While in PM, the spores look in a Tree like formation the DM spores look like Chain like

Different Origins
They belong to different family. DM belongs to the Peronosporaceae family while it is Erysiphaceae family that Powdery belongs to.

Growth Conditions
For DM to grow cooler damp condition with Humidity above 85% is required.

How do they Spread?
The spores of PM are spread by wind while it the splashing of water that transmits spores of DM.

It is possible that both the diseases  can come together.


6. How to protect your farm from this disease ?

We can help you to prevent as well as Protect your farm from DM.
Please contact us for a better and innovative solution.

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