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1. What defines Huwa-San a standard product?

Huwa-San proves to be a standard product as it matches the ISO 22000 standards & all HACCP requirements in all applications, covering the 3 principal hazards of HACCP:

a. Physical Hazards

- Huwa-San is odorless, colorless & tasteless.
- Huwa-San is effective in wide range of pH & temperature.

b. Chemical Hazards

- No toxic chemical residue as it is completely biodegradable to natural elements
(H2O + O2).
- Huwa-San consists of simple, non toxic, environmentally friendly components

c. Microbiological

- It is highly effective, broad spectrum disinfectant against all germs
(bactericide, virucide, fungicide, sporicide, algaecide, amoebicide and biofilms)
- Huwa-San is stable for a long period of time so it has long term effectiveness
against all types of micro organisms in case of post contamination

2. What makes Huwa-San an environmentally friendly product?

Following features make Huwa-San an environment friendly product:

  • Simple composition (H2O2 + Ag+)
  • Ag+ is natural element present in the environment.
  • Ag+ can be easily washed out from any object
  • Ag+ traces available are by far less than recommended level by all international organizations.
  • H2O2 is completely biodegradable to H2O+O2
  • Non-corrosive for all types of surfaces in the recommended concentrations.
  • No bleaching
  • Non toxic
  • Not harmful even on long term use
3. Why to disinfect if we have already cleaned?

Disinfection is different than cleaning

  • Cleaning : The activity of making things clean, in a domestic or commercial environment
  • Disinfect : The process that effectively kills or eliminates disease carrying microorganisms and prevent infection.
4. What is the effect of Huwa-San on the bacterial culture in fermented milk industry (Yoghurt) & Vaccines in poultry farms?

The recommended concentration Huwa-San, will effectively kill all germs from the media, thereafter the bacterial culture will grow assuring that no germ will affect the bacterial culture or the vaccines.

The bacterial culture and the vaccines can be affected by chemical hazards from any other chemical disinfectant but not by Huwa-San due to it’s natural, non toxic, environmentally friendly components.

5. There are a lot of silver peroxide products in market, why specially Huwa-San?

Huwa-San has a unique formula and during the last 25 years has succeeded to :
Get approvals from different organizations, societies & governments worldwide in more than 35 countries.

Provide 99.999 killing rate documented by scientific research and laboratory tests worldwide.

The “Know how” of the manufacturing process is difficult to copy or imitate which gives the product the power to attack effectively all types of germs cells without any physical or chemical hazards.
6. How does Huwa-San works?

Huwa-San is a specially formulated disinfectant (H2O2+Ag), which breaks down the cell wall and the genetic material of all types of microbes giving 99.999% eradication (5SLR).

7. Why Huwa-San is useful in bottling water factory?

  • Highly effective and stable
  • No Bromide oxidation
  • Huwa-San will maximize the usage of the RO membrane and the gasket
  • Non toxic nor carcinogenic by-products
  • Huwa-San is odorless, colorless & tasteless which is ideal for Water factories as water
    is very sensitive for any taste, color and odor
  • Huwa-San is very expedient disinfection for bottling water factories
  • Huwa-San will save rinsing with water after disinfection
  • Huwa-San is suitable for usage in different water temperatures up to 113˚C
  • Huwa-San is Easy to apply (Manual, spray, injection pump, fog etc.....)

8. Can Huwa-San destroy the chlorine by-products?

Yes it can. EPA has recommended using silver peroxide to destroy the THMs, which are the carcinogenic by-products of chlorine. 

9. What is the effect of mixing drinking water disinfected by Huwa-San and the one containing 0.2-1 ppm, residual chlorine dioxide? Does the presence of Huwa-San have any detrimental downstream impact here?

The effect is that Huwa-san will destroy any chlorine residual in water and keep Huwa-san residual instead. From our tests and from other test results appearing in several publications regarding silver peroxide in water, there is no detrimental downstream impact.

10. What method of analysis is used to check the residual level of Huwa-San in drinking water?

There are many methods:

  • Spectrograph manual test
  • Spectrograph automated test
  • Titration
  • Paper strip
11. Are there any storage temperature constraints for this chemical? Can it be stored outdoors?

Since Huwa-San is formulated to be very stable, it can be stored outdoor in high temperatures 30°C to 40°C. However we recommend storage indoor.

12. Method of checking the quality of Huwa-San?

Huwa-san can be checked for H2O2 and silver concentrations by using a titration method or spectrograph test method.

13. Is there any Certificate of approval from FDA to use Huwa-San as a disinfectant for drinking water?

The FDA does not provide certificate of approval on chemicals for water disinfection.  However, the US-EPA provides a list of approved chemicals and not chemical brand name that is allowed to be used in water disinfection.  Hydrogen peroxide and silver are on the approved list. The product is also approved by many countries (i.e. Switzerland, Australia, UK, Germany. etc) 

14. Is it Corrosive?

Huwa San is not corrosive at the recommended doses for most surfaces like stainless steel, aluminum, plastics etc. Not recommended for Brass and copper.

15. Does it Bleach?

Not at recommended doses below 1%

16.What about the silver residue?

The silver content in Huwa San is at ppb levels in all  applications , far less than International recommendations.

17.The silver will blacken the surface?

The colloidal compound of Silver in Huwa San is stable and does not leave the typical precipitate.

18.Does it damage the tissues?

Not at recommended doses. Huwa San is skin safe below 3%.

19. Is it dangerous for the fish?

Not at recommended dosage.

20. Does it clean?

We recommend Huwa San for disinfection use after normal cleaning. It is more cost effective that way, Huwa-San will also remove or clear residue from surfaces like scales on filters

21. Is it safe on food?

Huwa san is safe for disinfection of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish by rinsing or washing at suggested dosage.

22.Which countries use it in drinking water?

Approved by DWI, used in Scotland, Australia etc.

23-Which countries use it for Food Disinfection?

Huwa-San is approved to be used in food disinfection in more than 35 countries (UAE, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, U.K, Egypt, Australia, Kenya, Jordan.)

24.Have you got approval from any country for swimming pool?

Yes from Belgium, UK, Australia, and many other countries

25.Is it costly compared to Chlorine?

Not really. The cost is comparable to Chlorine dioxide and chlorine gas. As far as sodium hypochlorite, the cost is not higher since you will need to use larger quantities of hypochlorite Vs Huwa-san for disinfection.

26.Can it be mixed with other disinfection products?

Not recommended to be mixed. 

27.Does Huwa-San works as a deodorizer?

Yes, Huwa-San works as a deodorizer by removing hydrogen sulphide from the area of application. Huwa-San is the best for sewage treatment.

28.Does Huwa-San need rinsing after application?

No, Huwa-San consists of non-toxic components, which are biodegradable to two essential natural elements, water and oxygen.

29.What is Huwa-Sanís shelf life?

Under ambient conditions Huwa-San has a shelf life of two years.

  • Based on activated Oxygen
  • Colourless and Odourless
  • Fully Biodegrable to water & oxygen
  • Non-toxic
  • User-friendly
  • Tested extensively