What is Huwa-San?


Huwa-San is an Ecological Broad Spectrum, Non-Toxic Disinfectant. This Disinfectant is not only based on Activated and Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide but it is also been developed using an advanced German Technology. Also because of a very unique combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Activated Silver this Disinfectant is highly effective.

Furthermore Huwa-San is effective against all types of Fungi, Viruses, Moulds, Spores, Amoebae including notorious Legionella Bacteria and Bio-film .

Therefore Huwa-San is a real alternative Disinfectant for Products based on halogens like Chlorine, Bromine or Iodine, Aldehydes, Phenols, Quaternary ammonium compounds and others.

First of all, due to its Synergic Action it is very effective Disinfectant. in addition, use only small percentage for Disinfection and rest is available to deal with newer infection as and when required due to the Depot Effect. This makes it work for longer time. [Residual Disinfection]. This is very rarely found in any Disinfectant.

Besides this, after Disinfection Huwa-San is converted into Water and Oxygen, thus it is ecologically safe without any Toxic Bi-Products.

Due to the above factors, Huwa-San ranges to be an excellent Bactericide, Virucide, Sporicide, Fungicide, Algaecide and Amoebicide. Not only this, being fully biodegradable, it is harmless to the environment and easy to handle.

In Addition, Huwa-San is also very unique in application and performance. Moreover this Disinfectant is Chlorine-free Water Disinfectant so as a result it is environmentally friendly.

Most noteworthy about this Disinfectant is that enjoy one product not only as a Disinfectant but also as a Sanitizer.

So we are glad to introduce our Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Food Grade Disinfectant Huwa-San which fulfills all the requirements of a superior Disinfectant to all conventional products.

Applications of Huwa-San:

The Application for Disinfectant includes Fisheries & Poultry, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Drinking & Process Water Treatment.
We can also use this Disinfectant in Swimming-Pools, Cosmetics & Pharma Industry, Hotel Industry, Hospitals.

Major Advantages :

  • As rinsing is not required after application so it is Ready to Use for Longer duration.
  • It is easy to handle and highly effective even in low concentrations.
  • This Disinfectant is effective in a wide range of pH from 2 to 9 & temperatures from 0 to 95 degree Centigrade.
  • It is Non-toxic, Non-corrosive & Gentle to the skin at recommended doses.
  • This Disinfectant is Biodegradable, Eco-friendly & without any side-effects.
  • There is no build-up of resistance by the micro-organism for this Disinfectant.
  • This Disinfectant is colourless, odourless and tasteless at recommended doses.


Features and Benefits  :

  • Very Cost effective as compared to other Disinfectants.
  • You do not require tedious and costly pH / temperature adjustments to be made.
  • In addition to that Huwa-San does not require expensive on-site generation equipment.
  • Huwa-San gives Oxygen-rich and pleasant working environment.
  • You can measure this Disinfectant concentration using non-expensive, quick, clean and simple yet accurate methods.
Applications of Huwa-San Disinfectant

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