Organic Food Benefits

Everyone nowadays wants to know what exactly are Organic Food Benefits. In the article below the author describes in detail about Organic Food Benefits.
Better Nutrition: As compared to a longer time conventionally grown Food, Organic Food is much richer in Nutrients. Nutritional value of a Food Item is determined by its Mineral and Vitamin Content. Organic Farming enhances the Nutrients of the Soil which is passed on to the Plants and Animals.

  1. Free of Poison: Organic Farming does not make use of Poisonous Chemicals, Pesticides and Weedicides. Studies reveal that a large Section of the Population fed on Toxic substances used in Conventional Agriculture have fallen prey to diseases like Cancer.  As Organic Farming avoids these toxins, it reduces the Sickness and Diseases due to them.
  2. Enhanced Taste: The quality of Food is also determined by its taste. Organic Food often tastes better than other Food. The Sugar content in organically grown Fruits and Vegetables provides them with extra taste. The quality of Fruits and Vegetables can be measured using Brix analysis.
  3. Longer Shelf–Life: Organic Plants have greater metabolic and structural integrity in their cellular structure than conventional Crops. This enables storage of Organic Food for a longer time.


Organic Farming is preferred as it battles Pests and Weeds in a Non-Toxic manner, involves less input Costs for Cultivation and preserves the Ecological balance while promoting Biological diversity and Protection of the Environment.

It is suggested to evaluate the organic soil carbon, silica contents, and soil disinfection level to get better results.

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