Authorised Distributors of Huwa-San, an Ecological Broad Spectrum Disinfectant
Huwa-San is an Ecological Broad Spectrum Disinfectant based on Next Generation advanced German Technology. With its unique combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Activated Silver, Huwa-San has an excellent anti-biotic effect on very broad microbial spectrum.

Huwa-San is highly effective against all types of Fungi, Viruses, Moulds, Spores, Amoebae including notorious Legionella Bacteria and Biofilm. Thus Huwa-San fulfils all the requirements of a Disinfectant and is superior to all conventional products.

Being fully biodegradable, harmless to environment and easy to handle, Huwa-San is a very unique in application and performance. Huwa-San comes in different concentrations for different applications which helps to derive better results.

Applications :
Water Treatment, Swimming Pools, Cooling Towers, Food Processing, Beverage Industry, Sports & Leisure Industry, Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical Industry, Fishery, Meat & Poultry Industries, Agriculture & Hotel Industry, Medical Sector & Nursing, Drinking Water, Sewage Treatment, Kitchen, Cleansing of Flooring and Walls, Sanitizers, Toilets, Laundry, Effluent Treatment.

Few Areas of Application of Huwa-San :
Water Treatment : Added in very low concentrations to drinking water Huwa-San ensures an optimal hygienic quality of the water. It prevents infection of the mains and secures crystal clear water without affecting taste.

Huwa-San can be used to treat periodically water tanks and water mains in ships, on camping sites on in emergency systems. Huwa-San is extremely effective in removing biofilm and against Legionella.

Agro Industry : Huwa-San disinfects greenhouses, containers, surfaces, tools and water systems and positively affects the growth of plants and animals. Washing or spraying fruits and vegetables during processing or packaging with a diluted Huwa-San solution increases freshness and sell-by date.

Air treatment and Air conditioning: Huwa-San guarantees the odourless disinfection of water and pipes in systems for air treatment and air conditioning. Huwa-San removes the biofilm whereby dangerous infections, such as Legionellosis, are prevented.

Medical sector and nursing institutes: Huwa-San can be used for the disinfection of walls, floors and sanitary surfaces in hospitals, operations rooms, laboratories, medical and veterinary practices as well as nursing homes.

A specific dilution of Huwa-San, called Huwa-San Dent, is recommended by producers of dental chairs for the disinfection of water and the periodical disinfection of the water system in the equipment.

Beverage Industry : The specific characteristics of Huwa-San such as its chemical composition, odourless, no change in taste and efficiency at high temperatures, make the product an excellent disinfectant for pipes, tubes, and bottles in the various production process of mineral water, soft drinks, beer and wine.

Food Processing Industry : Huwa-San disinfects floors and walls, work tables, instruments, conveyor-belts, cold stores, machinery for food processing in industrial kitchens and hotels.

Huwa-San is ideal for the disinfection of surfaces, equipment, kettles, machinery in all kinds of food processing companies such as slaughterhouses, producers of canned, frozen or vacuum, packed products, in meat and fish processing industries, sugar refineries, dairies and cheese manufacturing.

Huwa-San does not foam, is odourless and non-residual. Rinsing of treated surfaces is not required in most circumstances.

Sports & Leisure accommodations : Huwa-San ensures an excellent level of hygiene in and around swimming pools, saunas, in all types of recreational and sanitary facilities without causing smell or slippery floors.

Treating the water in swimming pools or whirlpools with Huwa-San will result in crystal clear water without any irritation of the user.

Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry : Huwa-San effectively disinfects pipe-works, storage tanks, reactors and transport systems for storage of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

The range of applications of Huwa-San is very wide. Huwa-San can be applied wherever conventional disinfectants are used and is furthermore applicable in a wide range of temperature from 0°C – 113°C. It is an excellent disinfectant for hard surfaces like walls, floors or equipment.

Huwa-San ensures a perfect hygiene due to the bactericidal activity. It is an ideal disinfectant to fight bacteria, fungi, spores. In addition, Huwa-San acts as an algaecide and amoebicide.

Easy to Use : Huwa-San is sold as concentrated liquid or in diluted solutions. For an effective and safe use Huwa-San must be applied in the correct way. Instructions for use and dosage are available. Furthermore various measuring and control devices are available, ranging from simple measuring strips to fully automatic measuring and dosing equipment. Huwa-San does not foam and leaves no residues. Rinsing treated surfaces is not required in most circumstances.

Safe to Use : Huwa-San is colourless, odourless and miscible with water in any ratio. Huwa-San does not cause any change in smell or taste when it comes into contact with water, beverages or food products. Under normal use there is no risk for skin, lung or eye irritation. Huwa-San leaves no slippery traces and does not affect treated materials.

Storage Life : At least 2 years when stored in the original and closed containers

Packaging: Containers of 1 – 5 – 10 – 20 – 25 – 60 and 200 liters


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