Silamol is the best solution for the Plant’s Health and Output.

Silamol helps in more Crop Production

Silamol is based on Bioavailable Silicon compound that helps in strengthening the growth and resilience of your Plants. Silamol is absorbed very quickly via the leaves and roots as it comes in liquid form. Hence It does not burden the Environment being Eco-Friendly. 

Silamol strengthens the Plants against fungi, extreme climatic conditions and prevents insect infestation. This Silicon Product improves the quality of your Agricultural Produce within a short time thus generating greater Yields.

Silamol is also known as Soluble Silica, Monomeric silica, Organic silicon, Organic Silica, Bio Fertiliser, Soluble Sillic Acid, Soluble Ortho-Sillic Acid.

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More Production, More Profit and More Money for YOU

Save / Earn More Money

Silamol increases Growth &
Crop Production by atleast 25%,
Thus More Production,
More Profit and
More Money for YOU.

YOU will get More Crop Production

Get More Done

With Less:
Fertiliser, Pesticides,
Water & Efforts…
YOU will get More
Crop Production.

Better Disease Resistance

Solve a Problem

Use Silamol for
Better Disease Resistance
More Production with
Less Cost & Efforts

Growth is Faster in Lesser Time

Achieve Faster Growth

With Silamol,
Growth is Faster
and Complete in
Lesser Time

See, what is Silamol and How beneficial it is for you ?

Silamol is a Plant Health Tonic

Based on Ortho Silicic Acid and Molybdenum

Silamol is a Bioavailable Nutrient

Silamol comes in absorbable Monomeric Form [Soluble Liquid] hence it is easily Absorbed by the Plants.

Silamol promotes Growth and increases Yield

With Less Efforts
Get More

Silamol improves Nutrient Transport and Water Management

  • Has a very important role as a Mineral Absorption Regulator.
  • Reduces the Transpiration of Plants by 10-30%
  • Improves the Water storage within Plant Tissues.

Silamol fights against Biotic Abiotic Stress

Silamol increases the thickness of Leaf thereby making it less susceptible to the attacks of Sucking Pests.
Decreased transpiration and better Water and Nutrient management by Silamol makes Plant strong to fight Water, Heat Stress.

Benefits of Silamol

Silamol works on all parts of Plants
from Root to Flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions for Silamol

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What is the need for Bio available Silicon?

Since Silica in its natural form can not be absorbed by the Plants there is a need for Bio available and soluble form of Silicon/Silica.

How Plants receive or absorb Silica / Silicon?

Plants can easily absorb Silica in its liquid form or when the Silica is in Monomeric form.

What is Silamol made up of?

Bio available Silicon that is made up of Ortho-Silicic acid with Molybdenum.

What are the effects of Silica/ Silicon deficiency?

Since Silica plays role right from the Root to Leaf, its deficiency can be recognized by:

  • Abnormal Growth, Development and Reproduction.
  • Plants that are more susceptible to Disease Organisms, Insects & Toxic Metals.
  • Malformation of young Leaves.
  • Failure of Pollination and Fruit formation.
Why there is need to give Bio available soluble silica/ silicon when it is already avaiable abunduntly in Nature?

Silicon (Si) is the second most abundant element in the soil. However plants can not absorb Silica in its natural form.
Plants can absorb only in (monomeric) liquid form or Bio available soluble form.
Hence it is prudent to make Silica available to the plants, that they are able to consume.

What is soluble silica/ silicon and how it is different than the regular silica available?

Soluble silica in its Monomeric Liquid form can be absorbed easily.
This is different from the regular Silica.

What is Silamol?

Silamol is Bio Available silica in its monomeric liquid form. It is a combination of ortho silicic acid and Molybdenum.

Which are the benefits of Silamol for Crops?
  • Enhances the absorption of micro nutrients and helps transportation via plants.
  • Helps strengthening of cell walls thereby increasing the resistance and defense against mites and fungi
  • Improves the Photosynthesis via increasing Chlorophyll and making leaves dark green to absorb more Sun-light.
  • Improves the absorption of Carbon Dioxide and enhancing metabolic processes resulting in more output.
  • Increases efficiency of fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides ,hence required in lower quantities
Specify the types of Crops where Silamol can be used and the benefits ?

Following are some examples to illustrate the effects of Silamol on crop quality and crop yield:

  • Melons: Higher sugar levels (Brix + 8-10%), higher calcium content (+ 11-14%), more firmness ofthe pulp (+ 10-24%), increased thickness ofthe peel (+ 7-33%); 34% less plants infected by Fusarium
  • Roses: Less plants infected by botrytis + improved natural resistance to powdery mildew, higher growth rate & longer shelf life
  • Chicory: Higher yield (+27% versus solely fungicide) under severe drought stress conditions
  • Grapes: Less plants infected by Botrytis.
  • Potatoes: Higher yield versus control and other treatments + yield is more homogenous (better sorting)
  • Onions: Higher yield which is more homogenous (better sorting)
  • Kiwi: Higher weight & diameter per fruit
  • Rice: Increased yield, Reduced grain discoloration & suppression of Rice blast disease
  • Apple: Very significant impact on size, colour, weight and firmness (Gala)
  • Wheat: Higher Yield and Protein content (in combination with fungicide)
  • French beans: Significant impact on root lenth and weight, upto 2S% more yield under severe abiotic stress conditions
  • Cherry Tomatoes: More average weight per fruit (+ 12%), more dry matter accumulation, increased Brix and improved taste.
What is the role of Molybdenum in Silamol?

SILAMOL contains 0,02% Molybdenum (Mo),which is an essential micronutrient for plants where it is needed as a catalytically active Molybdnum .
Molybdenum (Mo) has a significant effect on pollen formation.

Is Silamol a Pure Plant Growth Regulator ?

No, It is Plant Heath Tonic and Disease Protector, although certeinly it regulates the plant growth

How Silamol is an insurance or preventive solution for disease control?

Silamol helps plants in numerous ways. It increases thickness of leaves which makes it difficult to penetrate for pests and fungus attack. Thus Silamol protects the plant from pests and fungus. Hence one can say that Silamol is an insurance or Preventive Solution

What is the packaging?

Packaging comes in 500 ml and 1 liter.

What is the storage Life?

Maximum Upto 2 Years under cool atmosphere away from direct Sunlight.
Silamol should preferably be stored in the fridge (cool) or maximum at room temperature.

Which are the applications?
  • Regular Crops (Cereals, Pulses, Sugarcane, Cotton, Coconuts, Lawn Grass)
  • Horticulture (All Varieties of Fruits & Vegetables)
  • Floriculture (All Varieties of Crown and Bulb Flowers)
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