There are many reasons for the creation of this blog to help Farmers, Agriculturists, and common people.
To help the Farmers and agriculturists by providing a solution to their problems.
Although we will cater to Organic farming, Use of un-explored Silicon for overall growth of Plants and increased output,
Disinfection methods to control diseases caused by Fungus and virus, a major focus will be to help the farmers.

I would like to invite agriculturists, agronomists, and agro consultants to join this blog as an author or contributor.
All those who contribute to this blog will be given due credits with their own Introduction box with photo and Bio.
Those interested may please contact us with the subject of Knowledge Contribution.

The possible topics may be

1.Organic farming
2.How to increase Organic Soil carbon.
3. Eco-friendly disinfectants
4.Use of Silica to increase crop production
5.Use of Shednet and poly house for sustainable and profitable farming.
6.Innovative use of technology in farming

I am sure, you will agree that the Farmers will always want to safeguard their Crops  and increase the output
And the only Solution that gives the Farmers assurance of safety for their Crops is the need to use the technology on the
Crops. Let us all join hands together to give that support and make India really a Great Nation in the field of Agriculture.

Finally, our vision is to achieve following

1. Farmers are assured about the safety of their Crops
2. The productivity of the Crops done organically increases.
3. More organic farming and  Profits to the Farmers
4. Peace of Mind due to the use of Non-toxic Organic foods.
Let us ask questions on these  topics and one of the experts will try to answer them

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